Build The Future

Advance Sustainable Transportation To Explore Earth, Space, and The Singularity.

Motorbikes On Mars 2044


About VUIU
VUIU is a technology company with a focus on electronic hardware, robotics, electric vehicles, and the internet of things.

VUIU's DNA is rooted in bicycles, and the prediction that in the future, computers and robotics will continue to advance, consumer space exploration will become more common, and humans will increasingly merge with machines and technology.

VUIU Mission
Advance Sustainable Transportation To Explore Earth, Space, and The Singularity.
Motorbikes on Mars 2044

Mission Roadmap

6. Launch a new product line of High Performance Carbon Graphene Mountain Bike Wheels in 2020 (These are the wheels used on Mission #5 E-Bike)

5. Launch a Smart Electric Mountain Bike with Motorcycle Lights in 2020

4. Create a new category of highway speed legal electric bicycle motorcycles (Homologation Project) by 2023.

3. Create a crash-safe, atmospheric life-support, enclosure system for rider and passengers by 2025.

2. Motorbikes on Mars (Create an Automated Factory) by 2044

1. Advance Sustainable Transportation To Explore Earth, Space, and The Singularity.

Founder Message (2020)
Hi Everyone, James here.

I want to give you a quick message about my mindset for running VUIU. We're here to build a great and amazing future for you. We want to make useful products, that have never existed before, that enable you to do things that were never possible before. To do this, I promise you a few things about how I will run this company. I will focus on making the product better, and not focus on marketing and advertising. It might seem that our vision and mission is Science Fiction, and to a certain extent it is, because what we are building has never existed before. My promise to you is that while I build you the future, I will be practical in bringing you useful, high-value products in the present.


VUIU is run by the same team that runs Tokyowheel. We've been in business since 2010, making and selling performance cycling products in more than 79 countries. Tokyowheel was specifically created to prepare us for what is now VUIU.

Origin Of The VUIU Name
VUIU is a unique and invented word that had no meaning until it became the name of the brand VUIU.
Pronounced: Voo You

VUIU is a registered USA company, with most team members working remotely. Our main strategic advantage is our in-house vehicle factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We support customers via local support globally.

VUIU Core Team

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    James Ferrer
    CEO / CTO / Software Engineer
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    Kane Christian
    COO / Community Manager
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    Paul Adams
    Engineering Project Manager
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    Matt Fritsch
    Cheif Of Testing / Qualtiy Process Engineer
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    Marcel Gras
    Mechanical Engineer / Bike Designer
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    Sandeep Kamboj
    Cheif of Embedded Hardware / PCB Design Engineer
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    Embedded Firmware Engineer - Real Time Operating Systems